How to get heating assistance in NH to ensure warmth for your family

How to get heating assistance in NH to ensure warmth for your family

By Sam Cohen

October 26, 2023

Getting through the brunt of a New England winter is easier with the help of heating assistance. Though options are available through the US Department of Health & Human Services beginning on Dec. 1, NH residents are encouraged to start applying for assistance now.

As Ryan Clouthier—who works for Southern New Hampshire Services—told NHPR, “It’s better if we can start that process now,” as the company expects to see an increase in need and calls for service once the temperatures start to drop significantly.  

If you’re in the Granite State and you want to get a headstart on securing heating assistance prior to Dec. 1, NHPR recommends starting with “your community action agency,” as they’re the ones who are responsible for heating assistance programs (and electricity assistance programs) in the state. They’ll also help you figure out if you’re eligible for one of these programs. You can find your community action agency here

Granite Staters who make “under 60% of the statewide median income” may be eligible for heating assistance through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). You can apply directly through LIHEAP’s website. 

You’re allowed to submit an application even if you don’t think, or are unsure, that you qualify based on the median income threshold. LIHEAP will work with you directly to go through next steps if you’re eligible. 

If you’re renting in New Hampshire, you may qualify for heating assistance as well through the program even if heat is included in the cost of your rent. 

Everything you need to apply 

To apply for heating assistance, you’ll need to provide LIHEAP with the following information:

  • Proof of income (this includes pay stubs and direct deposit statements, as well as tax forms)
  • A copy of your 2021 Federal Tax Return (Form 1040), completed and signed
  • Your social security card
  • A landlord verification form (if heat is included in your rent)
  • Child support verification form, if applicable 
  • 12 months of usage history from your fuel vendor (applicable if you’re heating your home with oil, kerosene, or propane)
  • A statement from your landlord or mortgage company showing the amount you’re behind on rent or your mortgage, if applicable 

Please note that you will need to provide these documents for each adult in your household. Applications to LIHEAP are typically processed within 30 days of submission. On average, the program provides anywhere between $240 and $2,400 in heating assistance, depending on several contributing factors determined by LIHEAP. 

For additional information regarding utility disconnections, as well as additional assistance options and longer-term solutions, click here


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