#NHPolitics Weekly Ins and Outs — March 3, 2024

#NHPolitics Weekly Ins and Outs — March 3, 2024


By Colin Booth

March 3, 2024

Another week of #NHPolitics Ins and Outs, taking you on a tour of the ins and outs of the ever-changing world of New Hampshire Politics, keeping score of the winners and losers week-by-week — and letting you know who’s in and who’s out — with a dash of gossip to keep you interested until the end.

Let’s get into it.

Who’s In?

DLCC — This week the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee announced their initial round of investments in New Hampshire’s Democratic State Senate caucus, with more on the way. The investment by the DLCC is historically early, and follows $50,000 in funds already sent to House Dems this cycle.

Maggie Hassan, Champion of Science — This week The Science Coalition named Senator Maggie Hassan one of their 2024 Champion’s of Science, for her support of robust federal funding for scientific research.

“I am honored to be named a 2024 Champion of Science by The Science Coalition. Supporting scientific research is critical to our democracy, economy, and way of life,” said Senator Maggie Hassan. “Science is necessary for informed decision making, for innovation that leads to economic growth, and for maintaining a high quality of life”

Women for Biden — Friday morning saw the national launch of the Women for Biden organization in New Hampshire with a house party in Manchester to start Women’s History Month, which included State Senators Donna Soucy, Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, State Rep. Wendy Thomas, Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington and about 20 other attendees.

One of the major themes of conversation was around the recent restrictions on IVF treatments in Alabama, which attendees said could be linked directly to Donald Trump.

Who’s Out!

Republicans on IVF — The Alabama Supreme Court decision has been a devastating blow to Republicans nationwide, revealing conservative plans and intentions for reproductive care beyond abortion bans at the state and federal level.

Panicked, the NRSC sent candidates a memo this week offering pointed and specific positions and language to use to assuage voters alarmed at Republican efforts to overturn fertility care, suggesting those running for office, “Express Support for IVF: Clearly state your support for IVF and fertility-related services as blessings for those seeking to have children. Highlight the importance of these treatments in fulfilling the dreams of countless families to conceive.”

It seems Kelly Ayotte got the memo, telling GP through a spokesman this week she supports IVF in very similar language. Could be we’ll hear her claim the support is merely a political game, like some other Republicans have admitted to recently.

New Hampshire’s federal delegation has come out in favor of a bill enshrining IVF protections into federal law, which Republicans have blocked in the Senate.

The “Texas Boondoggle” — Governor Chris Sununu was taken to task in an op-ed in the Union Leader this week for spending nearly $1 million in taxpayer money to send New Hampshire National guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border.

“I didn’t know it was our state’s responsibility to solve national problems, but if it is then I have a few other problems that affect the 603 a heck of a lot more. Let’s spend the money up here instead,” wrote Bob Sanders, president of BikingOLD, which advocates for better elder health care.

Republican governors across the country have been sending their state’s National Guard troops to the southern border, a move many political observers have described as a taxpayer-funded campaign stunt designed to bolster the Trump campaign after Republicans intentionally sabotaged a comprehensive border bill to run on immigration issues in a campaign year.

The Data Says No — An NBC News analysis recently showed that there is no evidence of a migrant-driven crime wave in the United States. This despite routine insistence by the entire Republican establishment, especially Kelly Ayotte, who has staked her campaign on promises of a violent mob of migrants taking over the state any moment.

Bad Scheduling — Republican State Rep Ross Berry was the only chair of a House committee to schedule hearings this week. This was the cause of considerable consternation among some because most schools are on vacation this week and the scheduling interfered with some plans.

Even session was delayed this week, with the House Clerk noting in the calendar, “We will not have a session day during the week of February 26, 2024, when most schools are on vacation. However, please hold your Thursdays in March for possible session days. Our first session date in March will be announced in next week’s Calendar.”

One individual familiar with scheduling in the House said of Rep. Berry’s calendar faux pas, “For the love of God, give us a break.”


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