“Women for Biden” coalition launches in New Hampshire, addresses IVF concerns

The Biden-Harris Campaign for President launched their "Women for Biden" coalition in Manchester on last Friday, marking the start of Women’s History Month aimed at mobilizing female voters across the state for the reelection of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. (Colin Booth/Granite Post)

By Colin Booth

March 4, 2024

The Biden-Harris Campaign for President launched their “Women for Biden” coalition in Manchester on Friday, marking the start of Women’s History Month and aligning with the national launch led by First Lady Jill Biden.

The event, aimed at mobilizing female voters across the state for the reelection of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, featured several speakers who discussed a range of topics, including the recent attacks on In vitro fertilization (IVF) in the wake of an Alabama Supreme Court decision that temporarily halted the procedure in much of the state.

The gathering highlighted the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to protect women’s healthcare and lower costs for New Hampshire families. The potential repercussions of a second Donald Trump presidency on women’s rights were also a focus. 

Speakers, including Executive Councilor and Gubernatorial Candidate Cinde Warmington and KR Epstein, Vice President of Political Affairs for the New Hampshire Young Democrats, expressed their concerns about the implications of the recent legal challenges to IVF and fertility treatments.

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Warmington shared a personal anecdote to illustrate the importance of such medical interventions, stating that six of her family’s nine great-grandchildren were conceived with technical assistance. She voiced her alarm over the possibility of these options being restricted, emphasizing the need for action to prevent such outcomes in New Hampshire.

“Six of my nieces, nephews, and grandchildren would not be here today with us, if not for this medical intervention and I can’t believe what is happening in our country, but this would mean that women would not be able to make these very intimate and personal decisions on their own,” Warmington said. “It is wrong and we need to make sure that we stop this right here and this never happens in New Hampshire.” 

Epstein also expressed fear about the potential for further restrictions under a Trump administration, mentioning concerns about access to birth control and the broader implications for reproductive rights.

“I’m terrified to be honest, because, you know, the whole thought here is like, first Trump came after Roe, second, coming after IVF. And third, he’s gonna come after birth control. And I do not want to live in a country where birth control is not accessible,” Epstein said. “We have to make sure that Biden gets reelected because I really don’t want to see where this country goes otherwise.” 

Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy highlighted the contrast between the Biden administration’s support for women and families and the threats posed during the Trump administration, especially in light of the recent attacks on IVF and fertility treatments.

“We know that President Biden stands with women with families and has accomplished a great deal. We need to remind our friends and neighbors, and then we also need to contrast the differences, the very stark differences between President Biden and Trump and there’s no question that during the Trump administration, women were under attack,” Leader Soucy said.

With grassroots efforts expected to increase across the state, the coalition seeks to highlight the stark differences between the Biden-Harris administration and its opponents, particularly in areas affecting women and families.


  • Colin Booth

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