#NHPolitics Weekly Ins and Outs — May 19, 2024

By Colin Booth

May 19, 2024

Another week of #NHPolitics Ins and Outs, taking you on a tour of the ins and outs of the ever-changing world of New Hampshire Politics, keeping score of the winners and losers week-by-week — and letting you know who’s in and who’s out.

Let’s get into it.

Who’s In?

Historic Progress on Legal Weed — This week saw legal marijuana come closer to a reality in New Hampshire than at any point previous, with a bipartisan 14–9 vote. The bill heads to the Senate Finance Committee for further changes before being voted on again, check our coverage for more.

More High Profile Visitors for NH Biden — This week saw a number of high-profile visitors to the Granite State for the New Hampshire Biden campaign, with two women from out of state telling their stories of pregnancy complications that became nearly deadly because of how medical providers in their states changed procedure due to abortion bans.

Congresswoman Sara Jacobs of California’s 51st district was also spotted bopping around the Granite State this week, opening the campaign’s 12th field office in Littleton, NH and headlining a major dinner for the New Hampshire Young Democrats.

Chuck Morse Keeps the Pressure Up — Republican Candidate for Governor Chuck Morse has kept up the pressure on his primary rival in the race for Governor, Kelly Ayotte, pushing forward with a sharpness and focus in his attacks not seen on the Democratic side, even after a public rebuke from NH GOP Chair Chris Ager.

He has scorched Ayotte for flip-flopping on debate promises, celebrating a compelling op-ed from former NH Trump Chair Al Baldasaro, and continuing his #AmnestyAyotte campaign.

Who’s Out!

The Disgraced Ross Berry — The fall of former Election Law Chair, former State Rep Ross Berry has made an embarrassing scene for the NH GOP, and shattered the trust of Democrats on the committee who say Berry’s need for political retribution for a perceived slight overtook the bipartisan work the committee has engaged in during his chairmanship.

But it took an ugly (uglier?) turn when Berry took to a conservative podcast following his resignation and decided to lob an unsubstantiated, dark accusation against a sitting State Senator. Look for more on this on Monday.

The Senate Targets LGBTQ+ Youth — The New Hampshire State Senate passed a trio of bills targeting LGBTQ+ youth last week, with one bill being the first in the Northeast to ban trans-girls statewide from participating in girls school sports. Check out our coverage for more on these bills, and expect to hear a lot on this in the 2024 campaign.

NH GOP appearances by AG, SOS raise eyebrows — The last two weeks have seen both the New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan and New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella appearing at New Hampshire Republican party events, with Scanlan headlining an NH GOP voter information event at St. Anselm’s and Formella, ironically, accepting a “principle over politics” award at the NH GOP’s Amos Tuck dinner.

Several Democratic insiders decried the party politics by the official, saying they could create unforeseen issues in the upcoming election cycle.

“These are supposed to be public servants, beyond reproach and above the partisan fray. There is real peril in creating the appearance of partisan favor by indulging in these events in an election year as headline guests and accepting major awards. Especially in association with a party that has had both significant legal issues around voting and criminal behavior among state level lawmakers,” said one senior Democratic strategist in the state.


  • Colin Booth

    Based in Epsom, Colin Booth is Granite Post's political correspondent. A Granite State native and veteran political professional with a deep background in journalism, he's worked on campaigns and programs in battleground states across the country, ranging from New Hampshire, Texas, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.



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