#NHPolitics Weekly Ins and Outs — May 26, 2024

By Colin Booth

May 26, 2024

Another week of #NHPolitics Ins and Outs, taking you on a tour of the ins and outs of the ever-changing world of New Hampshire Politics, keeping score of the winners and losers week-by-week — and letting you know who’s in and who’s out.

Let’s get into it.

Who’s In?

The Lion — This week the Dean of the New Hampshire State Senate, the Lion of the Senate himself, Lou D’Allesandro announced he would not be running for another term in the office he has held since 1998, in an emotional press conference that attracted hundreds.

Check out our video of the press conference to see the crowd.

House Anger at Senate Republican Turns Into Primary Challenge — State Rep. Emily Phillips announced her run for State Senate this week, challenging long-time incumbent Republican State Senator Bill Gannon in district 23 with the backing of 100 State Reps.

Republicans in the House bestowed the title of Assistant Majority Leader on the first-term lawmaker this week, a huge step up that many political insiders speculate is meant to boost her bona fides in a tough contest against Gannon.

The move is being construed as a direct shot by House Leadership to replace the long-time Republican Senator with someone with House loyalties.

Big Coverage for Biden Visit — Local media gave President Biden high marks for his appearance in New Hampshire this week, the second of the campaign so far. Many Democrats cheered a major above-the-fold headline by the Union Leader reporting on the promises made and kept by the President on her work for Veterans.

Check out our reporting on his trip and reactions from those who were there.

Who’s Out!

Do That For a Dollar — Kelly Ayotte raised eyebrows this week when news leaked she would be the beneficiary of a major high-dollar fundraiser with special guest Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, just days after Youngkin controversially vetoed a bipartisan bill aimed at protecting access to birth control.

Check our coverage on this for more.

Republicans Rage Over Handling of Fight Incident — After a near-brawl in the New Hampshire State House this week, reportedly incited by State Rep. Terry Roy, Chair of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, several state Republicans are openly questioning House leadership over handling of the incident.

Several State Reps report House Majority Leader Jason Osborne laughing after it occurred, drawing concerns he did not take the situation seriously. Others have brought up Roy’s past legal issues which led to his being removed as a law enforcement officer in Massachusetts.

“He is a ticking time bomb. A chair of a committee / part of leadership-he should have been thrown out immediately. I am very very very disappointed in how it was handled,” said Republican State Rep Kelly Potenza, sharp in her criticism of Roy and Republican House leadership in a post on social media.

Meanwhile Republican State Rep Aidan Ankarberg said how Republican leadership handled the situation would likely impact his attendance moving forward.

“When the Republican leadership allows a committee chairman (Terry Roy) to physically assault a member on the House floor with impunity it’s time to take an early summer recess. Off to greener pastures….” Ankarberg said.

Republican State Rep. Brandon Phinney said online, “Almost had a fight break out on the House floor with two Republicans because of a gun control amendment to the state prison construction bill. This place is a f*cking CLOWN SHOW.”

Check out our reporting on this for more.

Berry Leaves On Bad Terms — The “Disgraced” former State Rep. Ross Berry did a tour of conservative media to clean up his messy exit from the House last week, but along the way he threw some very dark, unfounded accusations against popular State Senator Donovan Fenton for taking issue with an anti-LGBTQ bill.

Check out our coverage on that for more.


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