#NHPolitics Ins and Outs — June 2, 2024

By Colin Booth

June 2, 2024

Another week of #NHPolitics Ins and Outs, taking you on a tour of the ins and outs of the ever-changing world of New Hampshire Politics, keeping score of the winners and losers week-by-week — and letting you know who’s in and who’s out.

Let’s get into it.

Who’s In?

Annie Kuster Punching Back — This week Congresswoman Annie Kuster headlined a power-house roundtable featuring Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn and a number of New Hampshire veterans raising alarms over the threat Donald Trump Represents to democracy.

Kuster, who has spoken at length about her personal experience on Jan. 6 being chased by the domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol, is one of the strongest speakers on the topic anywhere, and is using her experience to draw attention to the dangers of a second Trump term like no one else can.

“January 6 represents many things: how fragile our democracy is, the threat of the big lie, and the danger of disinformation. But it also represents incredible hope that we can endure hardships and that our democracy is worth fighting for.” Kuster said. Check out our coverage for more.

Steve Shurtleff Embarks on a New Adventure – This week former House Speaker Steve Shurtleff announced he would be leaving the house and running for Merrimack County Commissioner. Check Kevin Landrigan for more.

LGBTQ+ Granite Staters Make Their Voice Heard — Over 200 LGBTQ+ advocates took over the second floor of the New Hampshire State House this week after Gov. Chris Sunnuu snubbed organizers’ request to have a conversation with the Governor about newly-passed Republican bills that enshrine discrimination against trans-youth in the state into law.

Check out our extensive video from the scene.

Who’s Out!

NH Team Trump Defenders — Kelly Ayotte, Chuck Morse, Chris Ager, and leading voices across the NH GOP jumped on the chance to defend Donald Trump after being the first former president in American history to become a convicted felon.

Chris Sununu, of course, doubled down on his support of Trump, after having previously been excoriated for preemptively pledging to support the candidate. When asked on CNN Sunday morning if he would continue to support Trump after his conviction, he said, “Oh sure.”

Kelly Ayotte, notably, chose not to send her statement of support through her social media feeds, instead sending it directly to conservative media in the state, drawing fire from both Republicans and Democrats for being weak and afraid to have her position on Trump widely known.

Divisive Indeed — A Republican-appointed federal judge this week overturned New Hampshire’s “divisive concepts” law, an enormous blow to state Republicans’ conservative education agenda in the state.

The judge in the case said the law, which was designed to intimidate teachers into straying from conversations about race in classrooms, was unconstitutionally vague and violated teachers’ 14th Amendment rights, saying as written the law would “force teachers to guess as to which diversity efforts can be touted and which must be repudiated, gambling with their careers in the process.”

State Republicans have made the law a central component of their deeply conservative education agenda in the state, which itself has been among, if not the top, issue they have run on in recent elections, especially House special elections. Elections in which they drastically underperformed.

Sununu’s “Distortion” on Energy Prices — Governor Chris Sununu’s claims on New Hampshire energy costs flew too close to the sun this week when he published a graphic so totally dishonest the Boston Globe called it a “distortion” in their takedown of his office’s numbers.

In their coverage, the Globe said “The New Hampshire Department of Energy cherry-picked data, then muddled it, to argue the state is better off than others in New England. Check out their reporting for more.

Gendreau’s Gift to Pride Month — After one of the most remarkably unpopular first terms of any elected official in the past decade of New Hampshire state politics, State Senator Carrie Gendreau has announced she will not be seeking a second term in the State Senate, with the announcement couched inside a report announcing the Republican who plans to run in her stead.

Gendreau put Littleton on the map for her rank homophobia and religious fanaticism that many State House insiders say isolated her from her own caucus members. She withdrew from a local seat on the Littleton select board earlier this year, being replaced by a Democrat.


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