Here is where to buy international grocery items in New Hampshire

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By Mrinali Dhembla

April 24, 2024

Want to go global with grocery shopping in New Hampshire? You can find international ingredients at these grocery stores:

Asian grocery stores:

  1. Patel Brothers in Nashua: A nationwide South Asian grocery chain, Patel Brothers offers a wide selection of Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Nepali ingredients. Don’t forget to try out food from its in-store cafeteria (there’s no seating space though!), where you can gorge on snacks such as samosas and pakoras (vegetable fritters) and sip on some piping hot chai.
  2. Saigon Asian Market in Manchester: Located just off downtown Manchester, Saigon Asian Market offers a huge selection of East Asian—Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese to name a few—grocery items and snacks.
  3. Himalayas General Store in Manchester: This hole-in-the-wall store on Elm Street offers South Asian spices, snacks and ready-to-eat foods, as well as household items such as metal utensils and statues of Hindu idols.
  4. Katmandu Bazaar in Concord: Featuring an in-store restaurant that sells “Asian foods with a Nepali touch,” this Asian mini-mart sells Nepali and African grocery items.

Caribbean/African grocery stores:

  1. Maddy’s African Market in Concord: Suddenly feel the need to buy a 10-pound pack of red palm oil? Check out Maddy’s for such African food items and more!
  2. Mercy of God African Market in Manchester: Owned by Nigerian woman Beatrice Adekoyais, the store carries staple African ingredients such as yam, collard greens and garri (cassava flour).

Caribbean/ Latin American stores:

  1. El Parcero Market in Manchester: El Parcero aims to preserve cultural heritage in the LatinX neighborhood of East Manchester that it is situated in. The store has shelves stocked with ingredients such as chipilín, flor de loroco, and panela.
  2. La Carnicería Zapopan in Nashua: Located in one of the most diverse cities in the state, La Carnicería offers food items from Mexico, El Salvador, and Colombia.


  1. Keene International Market in Keene: Started as an online store during the pandemic— now a brick and mortar store—Keene International Market offers a plethora of international food products from places such as Nepal, India, Japan, Thailand, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.


  • Mrinali Dhembla

    Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, Mrinali Dhembla is Granite Post's multimedia reporter. She's previously worked as deputy editor at The Keene Sentinel, and has experience writing for many national and international publications. When not doing journalism, she likes to cook food (and eat it).



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