Looking for farm-fresh eggs in NH? Here’s where to go

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By Mrinali Dhembla

May 15, 2024

I started buying farm-fresh eggs recently, and don’t think I could go back to store brands anymore.

Farm-fresh eggs taste so much better (and for some reason are more filling), and I also don’t trust the origins of branded eggs. Eggs marketed as “free-range” can be misleading, and I personally just like to support local businesses.

As a little bit of a health freak, I also learned that farm fresh eggs have less cholesterol and saturated fat than store-bought ones. They’re just better for you, I believe!

So, here’s my list of where you can buy farm-fresh eggs in New Hampshire:

Located on the banks of the Connecticut River in Plainfield, Mac’s Maple is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1950. While the business sells maple syrup under the name Mac’s Maple, it raises chickens for its Mac’s Happy Hens eggs. The farm hosts community events, such as Maple Weekends, and Sunflower Days that go on throughout the year. The farm’s Scoop Shop is now open, serving maple creamees for the season! Items are available for delivery, pick up, and in-store shopping.

I bought my first tray of New Hampshire farm-fresh eggs at Benedikt’s! Along with farm-raised eggs, Benedikt offers fresh produce and other dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese. The farm is family-owned, and sits on Shirley Hill at Shirley Farm, a historical landmark. The Shirley family has partnered with couple Max and Melissa Blindlow to manage the farm. Fun fact: Max was raised in Münster, Germany and received agricultural education there.

In addition to some dairy items, Archway in Keene sells pasture-raised pork, beef, chicken and lamb products. Archway partners with other local businesses to sell their local products. Its eggs come from Five Sigma Farm in Sullivan. Check out what’s currently in stock at the farm store here.

This year-round farm stand offers fresh eggs, meat, veggie, flowers and herbs. The eggs come from “happy, well-loved animals that spend their lives as they should—foraging and enjoying the natural bounty of Earth.” SOL also offers some boutique items such as handmade soap, reusable tote bags and woolen fabrics. Check out the online shop for more!

Brookford’s pasture-raised chickens that produce eggs are fed non-GMO grains. And wait a minute … you can also buy duck eggs here! Obviously, the ducks too are free range. The farm also sells a wide range of fresh organic produce and meats. Kosher-certified products are also available. Check out Brookford’s website for some recipe guides!


  • Mrinali Dhembla

    Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, Mrinali Dhembla is Granite Post's multimedia reporter. She's previously worked as deputy editor at The Keene Sentinel, and has experience writing for many national and international publications. When not doing journalism, she likes to cook food (and eat it).



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