Op-ed: Do Better Chris Sununu

At a recent Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce event on March 11th, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu responded to a question from an audience member asking how New Hampshire can provide a safe environment for the LGBTQ+ community. He replied that we’re doing well on...

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‘Guys Who Give a $hit’: A NH group supporting local charities in a big way

The men of about 150 men, who call themselves the Guys who Give a $hit, get together four times a year to nominate a charity they want to give money to. They contribute $100 each, have some cold ones, and select three charities at random out of a hat. Representatives from all three charities are invited to attend the meeting to make their best pitch for funding, then the guys vote for one to receive the evening's pool. The money, totaling around $15,000, is donated on the spot.

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NH House Dems want to let voters decide abortion rights under state constitution

State House Democrats, allies, and supporters held a press conference Monday morning offering a new plan for inserting proactive protections for abortion rights into state law after several rejections by New Hampshire Republicans. New Hampshire currently stands as the only state in New England without affirmative protections on abortion in state law.

Rep. Alexis Simpson speaks at NH House Dems Press Conference behind a large crowd of supporters holding signs.