Santa spills the cocoa: Santa answer questions about Granite Staters

Santa spills the cocoa: Santa answer questions about Granite Staters

Santa Claus (Konrad Kane) of Concord has been ho-ho-hoing for more than 50 years. Photo by Stacy Milbouer

By Stacy Milbouer

December 18, 2023

Santa has always had a special relationship with New Hampshire. He was more than happy to sit down with the Granite Post recently to answer our questions about his years visiting children here.


Granite Post: Santa, since New Hampshire is so close to the North Pole, are we one of your first stops on Christmas Eve?

Santa Claus: If you look at a map you’ll see there’s a straight line from the North Pole to New England. I stop at northern New England first – Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. It’s all timing and magic. I have to pay attention to the time zones. You can’t just show up in the middle of the afternoon in California. There would be a panic.

GP: What do Granite State kids ask for most for Christmas?

SC: New Hampshire boys and girls love things with motors and wheels. And they like things they can use in the snow. They like to be on the move.

GP: What are some of the most unusual things New Hampshire kiddos have asked you for?

SC:  I remember there was one little boy – about five – who came to visit me and when I asked what he wanted for Christmas, he told me he wanted a window! Ho ho, and when I looked up at his mother, she just shrugged her shoulders. His parents were baffled by the request. I thought about it for a minute and said to him, “I bet you watch Sesame Street.” The boy and his mother nodded. “And I bet you like Elmo’s World,” and they nodded again. I knew that Elmo had a window with a magic shade where Mr. Noodle and his family lived.” That was it. That’s why he wanted me to bring him a window for Christmas.

GP: Any other unusual requests?

SC: Ho. Of course. Another little boy told me he “really needed” a lot of Barbie dolls. I said, “ok you really like Barbie then?” He looked very nervous and said, “No, but I pulled all the heads off my sister’s Barbies.” Sure enough, I looked up and I saw his sister, glaring at him with her arms crossed. She was making him confess and convinced him if he didn’t, he might end up on the naughty list.

GP: What’s one of the things that surprise you most about your work?

SC: Kids think somehow Santa will have the answer to anything. One little girl in New Hampshire asked me to bring back her “Grampy” from heaven. I froze as cold as an icicle. I told her I make toys, but I didn’t think I could do that but asked her if she remembered his voice, the smell of his aftershave, and that he loved her. She said, “Yes,” and I said if she remembered all that he would never leave her.” And then there was the time another child sat on my lap and said he didn’t want anything for himself, but instead wanted something for his mom. “Santa,” he asked. “Can you help her get a good man?” I can fly all over the world in one night. I don’t know if I can do that.”

GP: Santa thanks for answering my questions. One more thing. What is your Christmas wish for New Hampshire?

SC: Tourism is so important here – skiing and snowmobiling. Last year was a rough winter for those sports. So my wish for New Hampshire this year? Snow. Lots and lots of snow but it has to end by St. Patrick’s Day. Ho, ho, ho.

Editor’s note: Konrad Kane (aka Santa) lives in Concord and has donned his red suit since he was in high school. For the past two decades, he has spent the holidays as a working Santa at Charmingfare Farm in Candia, where visitors arrive at his reindeer barn by horse-drawn sleigh. When he’s not “Santa-ing,” Kane can be heard at 104.9 The Hawk Radio, where his deep voice has been rocking Lakes Region residents for the past 50 years.



  • Stacy Milbouer

    Stacy Milbouer is an award-winning journalist and has covered New Hampshire for many publications including the Boston Globe, New Hampshire Magazine, and the Nashua Telegraph.

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