Op-ed: Risk of a Trump Presidency Threatens Young Granite Staters’ Future

By KR Epstein

April 1, 2024

While November may still feel far away, the stakes couldn’t be higher for us to act right now. Every day, the stark contrast between President Biden and Donald Trump becomes more clear on the issues that matter most to us — from reproductive health care to protecting our climate and ensuring all young people can access higher education free from crippling debt. 

Let’s take the last few weeks as an example: while President Biden traveled to New Hampshire, meeting with voters like me in Manchester, listening to our concerns, and discussing his administration’s historic accomplishments; Trump spent the morning bragging about how much his ultra-rich friends paid for his new line of sneakers.  

This contrasting agenda is nothing new though. 

Perhaps there is no example more relevant right now than reproductive health care. My eyes – and I know the eyes of so many young people across our state – are watching with horror as the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the Mifepristone case, a case that has the ability to take away access to medication abortion across the country. 

While President Biden has always fought to protect our reproductive freedom, and has pledged to stop extreme Republican attempts to further restrict access to abortion, Trump pledges to drag us back to a time where we didn’t have control over our own bodies.

Not only did Trump and his Supreme Court justices rip away the freedoms so many individuals have long relied upon to make decisions about our health, but he and his MAGA allies are now pledging to further limit access to critical reproductive health care – even suggesting that women who receive an abortion should face punishment. I’m terrified to live in a country where women and families can’t access birth control and other basic forms of reproductive care.

The differences between President Biden and Donald Trump are crystal clear when it comes to reproductive health care, and it’s not the only issue where President Biden’s and Trump’s stances couldn’t be further apart. While President Biden has done more to fight climate change than any other President, Trump continues to repeat the climate change denialism that threatens Granite Staters’ future. 

Thanks to the President’s Investing in America agenda, private companies have committed over $320 million in clean energy investments across New Hampshire, creating tens of thousands of good-paying jobs to fuel the next generation of American manufacturing. His administration is continuing to ensure young people aren’t being left behind. The newly created American Climate Corps has already invested billions of dollars in 20,000 young people, so they can build the skills needed to succeed in long-term career fields like clean energy.

On the other hand, instead of offering real solutions to solve the climate crisis, Trump has promised to cut taxes and offer subsidies for his wealthy friends in the oil industry at the expense of the middle class.

President Biden knows how important it is to create more pathways to ensure young Granite Staters have every opportunity to succeed, and from day one of his presidency, he’s fought to make life better for every American.

From defending our reproductive health care to protecting our climate to ensuring we have access to higher education in our communities, President Biden has delivered for us in ways Trump simply refuses to. Thousands of teachers, nurses, and other public servants across New Hampshire have already received loan forgiveness as part of President Biden’s effort to ensure young people are able to access higher education without immense amounts of debt. And the President isn’t stopping there, he’s continuing to work to fix the broken student loan system so it finally delivers on the promise of providing opportunities for all Granite Staters to thrive.

I was proud to help mobilize voters from across New Hampshire to deliver President Biden’s historic write-in victory in January, and now I’m thrilled to be a part of the Women for Biden-Harris Coalition that will continue to fight for young people throughout the Granite State.

Now, while the stakes couldn’t be higher, we know when women and young people show up, we win. That’s why I’m proud to be part of a coalition that will be taking every action – talking to friends and families, organizing communities, raising the resources to support the campaign, and more – to reelect the President and Vice President.




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