5 places to try the best Caribbean food in NH

Plate of Caribbean food. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Plate of Caribbean food. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Plate of Caribbean food. (Courtesy Getty Images)

By Mrinali Dhembla

June 4, 2024

Did you know that since 2006, by presidential proclamation, June is observed as Caribbean American Heritage Month?

The immigrant population in America from the Caribbean—mostly from Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic— almost tripled between 1980 and 2010, and remains the largest origin region for the Black immigrant population in the US.

Like many other immigrant communities, this immigrant population too brought with itself food and other cultural relics such as music, dance and … cricket (FYI: the cricket world cup is being hosted on American soil for the first time at the moment)!

So, if you’re looking to experience a taste of the Caribbean in New Hampshire, consider visiting these five staff-picked restaurants in New Hampshire:

Serving Haitian and Jamaican dishes, The Karibbean has a selective menu featuring classic dishes such as jerk chicken, macaroni and cheese, and fried plantains. Right now may be the perfect time to try its tropical smoothie—that is only $5! Vegan folks might be in luck here.

Brought to you by award-winning chef Chris Viaud, Ansamn serves Haitian cuisine ranging from a classic chicken stew dish to a more fusion-style mushroom risotto with djon djon rice. With something for everyone on the menu—it has vegan options—Ansamn also has an impressive selection of cocktails and local craft beer available.

Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this restaurant is Nashua’s first Caribbean restaurant. Comprising a “pan-Caribbean” menu, the restaurant serves recipes from Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Jamaica. Happy hours here last from 4:30-8 p.m. with drinks available at exceptional prices (everything under $5).

Located on Elm Street, this Afro-Caribbean restaurant serves classic dishes such as jerk chicken, spicy okra, collard greens, curry chicken, and mac and cheese. Top of the menu is a Caribbean-style oxtail stew served in a flavorful, spicy gravy.

Run by well-known community member Gail Somers, Yahso, meaning “right here” in Jamaican Patois, has been serving authentic Jamaican food in the Monadnock Region since 2019. A vegan-friendly restaurant, Yahso features some island favorites such as Ting soda, Jamaican beef patties, and fried sweet plantains.


  • Mrinali Dhembla

    Based in Manchester, Mrinali Dhembla is Granite Post's multimedia reporter. She's previously worked as deputy editor at The Keene Sentinel, and has experience writing for many national and international publications. When not doing journalism, she likes to cook food (and eat it).



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