The Manchester Pet Guide: The best pet spas in Manchester

The Manchester Pet Guide: The best pet spas in Manchester

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By Stacy Rounds

July 1, 2024

We asked our readers to tell us the best pet spas in Manchester. Here’s what they said.

Are you looking for the best pet spa in Manchester to treat your furry friend like royalty? Look no further! We’ve gathered the top pet spas in the area, thanks to a recent poll in our newsletter. From luxurious retreats to ultimate pampering destinations, these pet spas have it all. Let’s dive into the list and discover where your pampered pet can experience the best pet spa treatments in Manchester.

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4. Sarah’s Paw Spa

16 Manning St (Derry)

The longtime owner of Sarah’s Paw Spa understands that very special pets crave a taste of the high life. This spa provides more than your average pet grooming services, offering an all-day stay in a stress-free environment. Here, every pet is a VIP (Very Important Pet, that is), and the expert staff goes above and beyond to ensure each tail-wagger and purr-producer receives the royal treatment they deserve.

Think of it as a custom-tailored suit or dress but for your pet’s grooming needs. Whether they’re in for a simple nail trim or a full-blown pampering session, they’ll emerge looking like the canine or feline version of royalty. The ambiance of Sarah’s Paw Spa is part of the reason its customer base is so dedicated. Designed with the comfort and well-being of pets in mind, it boasts a cozy cage-free atmosphere that immediately puts even the most experienced young pups, nervous dogs, and elderly canines at ease. 

Sarah’s Paw Spa is equipped with state-of-the-art grooming tools and spa treatments, including pet-safe CBD, offering options that allow each pet to feel their best. From the fluffy towels to the premium shampoos, every product and service is chosen with the utmost care, reflecting the spa’s commitment to excellence.

In a town where pets are family members, Sarah’s Paw Spa stands out as a luxurious retreat that understands and celebrates this bond. It’s a place where pets are pampered, loved, and treated to a day of relaxation and beauty that many humans would envy. So, if you’re looking to spoil your four-legged friend with an experience that’s a cut above the rest, Sarah’s Paw Spa is the destination where pampered pets rule supreme.

3. Claws-N-Paws

332 Sheffield Rd

Claws-N-Paws in Manchester is a well-loved community-centric local business that takes care of pets inside and outside of its walls. Here, the belief is strong that every dog, cat, and critter in between deserves the regal treatment, and the staff makes it their mission to ensure that each furry head wears an invisible crown.

Your pet is greeted as a beloved member of the Claws-N-Paws family. The atmosphere is homey and welcoming, with stimulating toys for pets that could make even the most pampered pooch wag its tail in approval. It’s clear that this place has been designed with the happiness and comfort of pets at its heart.

The grooming services at Claws-N-Paws are nothing short of majestic. Each session is tailored to the individual needs of your pet, taking into account their breed, personality, and even their unique quirks. Whether your cat requires a lion cut that brings out their inner jungle beast or your dog needs a soothing bath that calms their knightly spirit, the skilled groomers at Claws-N-Paws are on hand to transform your pet.

Claws-N-Paws ensures that every aspect of your pet’s visit is imbued with a sense of luxury and care. Even the waiting area is a testament to the spa’s commitment to excellence, offering a comfortable space where pets can relax and play before and after their grooming session.

The staff members are devoted animal lovers who take the time to get to know each pet’s personality and preferences. So, if you’re looking to give your pet a taste of the good life, look no further than Claws-N-Paws, where every pet is royalty, and every grooming session is a crowning achievement.

2. 55 Pampered Place

55 Carl Dr

55 Pampered Place stakes its claim as the zenith of pet spa luxury. It’s the pinnacle of pampering that your pet won’t soon forget. Here, the name of the game is holistic wellness, where every treatment, from invigorating massages to rejuvenating facials, is designed with your pet’s happiness and health in mind.

At 55 Pampered Place, the ambiance is crafted to put your furry companion at ease the moment their paws grace the entrance. With animal medical professionals nearby, your pet will benefit from the safety of a clinic. Plus, care options are vast and varied, ensuring a spa day that’s unique to your pet.

The staff at 55 Pampered Place are the maestros behind the magic, a team of dedicated professionals who believe that every pet deserves to be treated like the VIPs they are. They’re aficionados of animal happiness, wielding an arsenal of skills designed to soothe, pamper, and invigorate.

Here, pets aren’t just cared for—they’re celebrated, rejuvenated, and treated to a day of unparalleled indulgence. So, when the time comes to give your pet the ultimate spa experience, remember that 55 Pampered Place is the destination where true pampering meets happy tails.

1. Tails Above the Rest

575 S Willow St

Coming in as your number one choice, Tails Above the Rest stands out thanks to its commitment to bringing joy and wagging tails to the pet community. This is not your ordinary pet spa. Tails Above the Rest combines grooming excellence with an array of services designed to make every pet’s day brighter, from playful daycare sessions to invigorating fitness classes that keep tails wagging and spirits high.

From the moment you and your furry companion step through the doors, the atmosphere of fun and care is palpable. The staff here cherish animals, creating a bond that shines through in their dedication to making each visit memorable. With a keen eye for detail and a soft spot for pets of all shapes and sizes, they ensure that every pet feels like the star of the show. But what really makes Tails Above the Rest a standout in Manchester? It’s the blend of top-notch grooming services with innovative offerings that cater to the overall well-being of your pet.

The grooming expertise at Tails Above the Rest is second to none. Whether it’s a routine trim or a full glam makeover, the professional groomers approach each task with precision and a gentle touch, ensuring your pet looks and feels their absolute best. But it’s the joyful expressions and wagging tails at the end of each session that truly underscore the spa’s success.

So, if you’re looking to indulge your pet with a day filled with pampering, play, and positive vibes, Tails Above the Rest is the destination where happiness is delivered with a wagging tail and a happy bark. Here, pets are celebrated in a way that leaves them jumping for joy and eager for their next visit.

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