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VIDEO: Needing your Passport to Vote in NH?

New Hampshire Republicans are currently pushing a bill that would require proof of citizenship to register to vote in the state of New Hampshire. We spoke to Matt Mooshian, Advocacy and Engagement Director at 603 Forward to get his take on a voting rights bill some...

603Forward talks on needing passport to vote in NH

Need your birth certificate to vote? This GOP bill will require it in NH

Concerns are mounting around a piece of Republican legislation making its way through the New Hampshire legislature would require hopeful voters to present their birth certificate, passport or other documents proving citizenship in order to register, changes which voting rights experts are calling “the most restrictive in the country.”

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VIDEO: President Biden Signs Foreign Aid Bill

President Biden has signed legislation sending financial aid to foreign allies like Ukraine on the eve of Vladimir Putin beginning his fifth term as President of Russia this week with Biden remarking, "We bow to no one." @granitepost President Biden has signed...

President Biden signs foreign aid bill to help ukraine

Op-Ed: Sununu’s Faux Outrage Only Fuels Hate

In 2021, a group of white supremacists known as the “Proud Boys” and members of the neo-Nazi hate group, NSC-131, began disrupting Nashua School Board meetings. They flashed “white supremacist” hand signals and waved signs expressing opposition to teachers giving...

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VIDEO: NH Republican State Rep Defends Child Marriage

Comments from Republican State Rep Jess Edwards defending the ability for "ripe, fertile" 16-year-olds to get married have drawn shock and disgust by New Hampshire political followers, and come after a several recently revealed instances of indiscretions with...

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